Creating a Laserprojector

Hello blog, just want to post a update on my latest project,

Building a laser projector from scratch.

Im interested in waveforms and the connection between sound and the visual aspect, so thats why I started to investigate how to build a laser-projector.

For this I am using a galvano scanner with a mirror connected to a driverboard that supports the ILDA standard. For laser source i am just using a 40mw laserpointer.
By connecting the audio output from the soundcard on my computer I am able to generate waveforms that controls the galvano scanner. Left channel for x-axis, and right channel for y-axis.
The software is in c++ using the alsalib on Ubuntu Linux. The sourcecode is in early stage, but I will release it in the future.

My goal is to generate fractal patterns and 3d geometry, for now I have just played around and this is the result far.

Stay tuned.

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