Beaglebone rev A4 network-connection issue

I had some problem with my Beaglebone rev A4 board. The network connection didn’t work at boot, but when i rebooted the system after booting into Linux, it worked…? pretty strange… So i made a google search and found who had more information about the issue. It seemed like a hardware issue, and the only way to solve the problem, was to remove resistor R219.
“We are looking into a SW workaround, but right now the easiest solution is to pop off R219 on the back side of the board under the RJ45 connector”

Check out to find out where the resistor is located and how to remove it.

After I made this modification my Beaglebone worked like a dream. So now im happy again ­čÖé

The recipe for a silent, powerful and small computer

Last year, I got really tired of loud hard-drives and noisy fans. I decided to build a passively cooled computer (without fans :). I wanted it to be high-performance, small, energy efficient and completely silent.

This became the recipe:
Case: Morex T3500 (80W PS)

HDD: Intel 160GB G2 SSD

MEM: Corsair XMS3 8GB DDR3 PC10666 1333MHz


CPU: Intel Core i3-2100

CPU Cooler: Thermal Right HR-2 Macho

PCH Cooler: Thermal Right HR-05 SLI/IFX

I got big heatsinks and a case with a external passive 80W powersupply. My thought was in the beginning to under-clock the Core-i3 to match the 2100T == 35W TDP, but sins it worked out pretty nice at the orginal frequency(3.1Ghz) I didn’t had too. A little bit of Ghetto-mod about this project, but I really wanted the heatsinks to be outside of the case for maximum cooling and┬áperformance. So had to modify it a littlebit ­čÖé

So whats the temperature?

It becomes pretty hot at full-load, but still good temperatures thought.
36C idle,
65C in usual full load. But with some prime-benchmarking-software ive got CPU temp over 70C. In normal condition, at normal usage, like running some virtual-machines, browsing the web, coding and such, the CPU never gets over 50 degrees.

This computer have been a Linux Server/Desktop computer for almost a year now, and I never had any┬ástability or heating issues. But the project became a little bit more┬áexpensive thought.. cause when my computer became silent I┬ánoticed┬áthat my monitor had a nasty beeping sound, hehe.. so I had to replace it ­čÖé

I got a article about my project at and